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Should you buy a refurbished laptop? If you had any doubts, a recent survey conducted by Gizmodo showed that only 7% of surveyed customers had a less-than-perfect experience with their refurbished laptop…

And the other 93% loved them!

Here’s how to buy a first-class reconditioned laptop computer for your home or office that ticks all the boxes.

How to Cut Costs: Look for Last-Season’s Models

If you look at the comparative prices of new laptops as against refurbished devices, you’ll find that reconditioned gadgets with the same specifications are always a few hundred dollars cheaper than the fresh-from-the-box laptops. In addition laptops that are just one or two generations older, you may also find some of the newer models. Here are a few examples you might find interesting.

Example: Apple 12-inch MacBook - Still Up to Spec

First released in April 2016, a new 12-inch Apple MacBook costs $1,299 but a refurbished laptop sold on the Apple website with a 1-year warranty is available for $1,099. Should you look for the same model in the Amazon refurbished section, you can buy one for $899.99 and get a 90-day warranty to go with it.

Example: Dell XPS 13 - Why Buy New?

The Dell XPS 13 is priced at $999. However, a refurbished XPS 13 from starts at $739 with a one-year warranty. This price is more than $250 less than the new device.

Save Money with Coupons and Discounts

From time to time, manufacturing companies may offer you coupons where they further knock off the prices on their refurbished laptops. For instance, after deducting $200 of the coupon offer, you can get a Dell XPS 15 for $1,127.95. The original price for this gadget is $1,359.39.

Lenovo also offers you an added 30% off sale on its refurbished laptops collection. For the price of $207.89, you can get the ThinkPad 11e Third Generation. But, should you look for a brand new laptop, you could end up paying $399.99.  

Consider signing up for email alerts and you’ll receive information about any new products that come up for sale.

The Best Place to Buy Refurbished Laptops? Check Manufacturer Listings

If you’re considering buying a reconditioned device, you can’t go wrong with manufacturer refurbished laptops. Check with the experts for information on how to buy a refurbished laptop and they’ll tell you to search company websites like Apple, Dell, HP, and Lenovo.

There are several positives to buying your laptops from manufacturer sites. Like for instance:

  • Assurance of quality and functionality

  • Categorization of their refurbished laptops so buyers can make an informed choice.

  • Warranty

  • Certification

  • Free shipping

  • Cash-back incentives

Alternatively, you can check sellers like Amazon, eBay, ReUseTek,Best Buy, and various others.

Look Out for Specific Aspects When Choosing a Refurbished Laptop

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Consumers all over the world now prefer laptops to desktops thanks to their versatility and portability. But, when you go shopping for a new gadget, chances are that you’ll be spoiled for choice with the mind-boggling range and specifications that manufacturers now offer. If you’re looking for tips on how to buy a laptop, the first step is to identify the purpose for which you need a new gadget. Like, for instance, you could be looking for an advanced device with hi-def specs that are perfect for playing games and streaming videos and movies. Or, you could be looking for a starter device for a child learning to be digitally savvy.

Read ahead for some of the laptop features to keep in mind when choosing the gadget that best suits your requirements.

1. Laptop Comparison Dell vs HP vs Lenovo vs Apple

When looking for advice on how to buy a laptop, one of the first tips you’ll come across is to choose a good laptop brand. Buying a laptop manufactured by a reliable company will assure you of getting your money’s worth, technical support when you need it, and of course, high quality, and after-sales service. Take a look at the chart below for Laptop Mag’s Best and Worst Laptop Brands 2017. According to the experts, Apple no longer rules as the best brand, Lenovo has taken over the ratings and now ranks at no.1. Though, Apple still rules the digital world with the most efficient customer service.


Source: LaptopMag

2. Detachable, Bendable, or Traditional Clamshell - What’s Your Style?

Detachable laptops allow you to convert the laptop into a tablet by detaching the screen from the keyboard. Bendable laptops, on the other hand, bend back up to 360 degrees so you can use them in tablet, tent, or stand modes. Though, you can expect better battery life from the bendable laptops. But, if good performance and specifications are your goals, experts advising you on how to buy a laptop are likely to recommend that you choose conventional clamshell laptops that are likely to give you good value for money.

Let’s try to compare Lenovo laptops using the 2-in-1 form factor. Should you choose the Lenovo Yoga 910 with a 13.9” screen, you’ll pay around $1,049. This laptop is a convertible hybrid which means that you can use it with or without the keyboard. However, should you choose the conventional 14” screen Lenovo laptop, you could get it for around $873.

Here’s another example where we compare Dell laptops. The Dell XPS 13.3” laptop is available for the price of $799.99 but if you would prefer the hybrid version with a similar sized screen, you’d pay $1,299.

3. Operating System - What’s the Popular Choice?

Laptops come with a choice of different operating systems of which the most commonly used are Apple Mac, Windows, or Chrome by Google. You can pick the one you’re most comfortable using. Here are some added details you might find interesting.


The Windows Operating System is the most widely used OS in the world and is compatible with most current hardware and software. The new Windows 10 has significant improvements on the previous versions. You’ll find that it comes with lots of features such as the Offline Maps, Sticky Notes that you can create and paste on the desktop screen, and the Task View and Virtual Desktops app that gives you a quick view of the open windows. The Snap app, Battery Saver, and Projecting Screen facility are other handy tools you can use.

Perhaps, the best feature of Windows is that it is constantly evolving so you can get new tools from time to time at no added cost. Available in a wide range of devices at different prices, Windows is very affordable and ideal for playing games, running business operations, or for basic consumer functions. Most people are familiar with Windows so it makes sense to get this OS for your laptop.

Mac OS

The Mac Operating System comes with the high-end Apple MacBook that typically costs upwards of $1,000. This system typically comes with a highly efficient touchpad that offers a range of shortcuts that Windows lacks. The Mac OS also forms a part of sleek gadgets that have an excellent battery life and are better value for money as compared to the Microsoft Surface collection. This OS is compatible with most software and typically includes apps like Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office, and others. However, you may not have access to free of cost updates and if you’re looking for top rated laptops that allow you to play games, this one’s not for you.

Chrome OS

Although the Chrome OS is steadily capturing a significant part of the market, it is essentially a Google Chrome browser with little else. You can use it to run Chrome Apps, Chrome, and Android Apps since they’re synced with the Google Drive cloud storage but you can’t use the Windows desktop software with it. You can typically buy a Chromebook for around $200 to $300 and the OS is ideal for people who’re just looking for a lightweight browser but not too many apps and tools.


The Linux OS allows you to install compatible versions of the Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. So, if you’re just looking for basic functionality from your laptop, you could go with the Linux OS. Or, if you feel that the UNIX-based operating system is more suitable for the kind of usage you have in mind, choose this OS. Given a choice between Chrome and Linux, you’ll find that Chromebooks are more economical with better customer support.

In the end, Windows wins hands down thanks to its affordability, versatility, and access to updates free of cost.

4. How to Buy a Laptop with the Right Size - Yep, It Matters!

When looking for advice on how to buy a laptop, you’ll be asked about the level of portability you need. If you’re looking for a balance between functionality and mobility, opt for the laptop with a screen of 13 to 14 inches. Anything bigger and you might find that carrying it around is a challenge. Here’s some added information on screen sizes and portability:

Screens from 11” to 13”

If you intend to carry your laptop when traveling frequently or commuting to and from work, you may want to choose a gadget that is lightweight. Accordingly, you can go with the 11” to 13” devices. Even if you’re looking for a laptop with advanced specs for gaming and other heavy duty functions, you can find laptops that are thin and easy to carry, though, they are likely to cost you more.

2-in1 Hybrids

If it’s mobility and flexibility you want, you can opt for the 2-in-1 hybrids that are available in screen sizes ranging from 10 to 15 inches. You can look for the detachable ones that allow you to convert them into the tablet mode. Others have flexible hinges with different standing modes adding to their versatility. However, this convenience comes at a price. And, as mentioned in the earlier section, these laptops are more expensive as compared to the conventional devices.

Screens from 13” to 15”

Most conventional laptops are available in screen sizes ranging from 13” to 15”. These devices are the perfect balance between portability and functionality and allow you to perform most of the tasks you need. They’ll include lots of storage space, powerful CPUs, and adequate RAM and are most popular for personal and business use.

Screens from 15” to 18”

Laptops with 15” screens give you the perfect balance between portability and the functionality of a desktop computer. These notebooks are ideal for performing advanced functions such as Photoshopping, sound mixing, and playing games in addition to designing applications. Of course, the larger size of these performance devices tends to make them heavier and hard to move around.

If you choose the largest sizes with around 18” screens, you’ll find that you can comfortably use them for programming, playing games, video editing, and other heavy-duty applications. But, don’t even think of moving any of these around. Further, you’ll compromise on battery life for the larger screen.

5. Ergonomics Count - Check the Keyboard and TouchPad

If you intend to spend a lot of time working on your laptop, you’ll need one that has great ergonomics. Look for adequate space between the keys, distance the keys sink when you press on them, and a steady cursor. You could also consider getting a keyboard with a nub or pointing stick so you can move the cursor around without having to lift your hands from the keyboard.

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Rapid advancement in the electronics industry has led to a decrease in the lifespan of electronics. The need to reduce e-waste and control the amount of waste sent to combustion facilities has necessitated refurbishment of laptops and computers.

Refurbishment of electronics ensures higher resource efficiency and improves the lifespan of the electronic merchandise.

So are you part of the refurbished laptops craze? Let us look at the pros and cons of these second-hand devices.

Why Refurbished Laptops?

Let’s first look at what refurbishment actually means. It can refer to a number of issues relating to recycled electronics such as:

It could mean that the Laptop was defective, returned to the manufacturer for repair and is up for resale.

It could also refer to a Laptop that has been used for several years and is being resold in the market.

Faulty or damaged parts in laptops are replaced to make the refurbished version as good as new. Therefore, the quality of a refurbished laptop is almost as good.

But why refurbished laptops?

A Price That’s Right

Refurbished laptops are just as good as new ones, if not better, because they have been tested.

In fact, many people are of the opinion that a refurbished laptop is basically brand new. They say it’s like buying a car with 1,000 miles on it, but 25-30% off, more or less. It’s like the seller tells you “It’s all good, we tested” and you get the value of an almost brand new car, at a fair price.

Quality, Backed by Warranty

Refurbished goods come with a warranty, just like a new one would. Should you get a laptop that is less satisfactory, you can return it to your vendor for replacement.

To Do Your Bit

Refurbishment of electronics results in reduced pollution and is energy saving. Using refurbished electronics protects the environment by ensuring a decline in mining, refining, and processing of raw materials.

The Downside of Refurbished Laptops

Refurbished laptops generally come with a limited warranty as compared to new devices. New laptops can have warranty extending to a three-year period while refurbished laptops can have a month to three months warranty. This means that in the case of failure of a refurbished laptop, it is difficult to get a replacement once the short warranty period is over.

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The “Special Deals” tab on your e-store holds some interesting options. If you check it out, you would be surprised to find some amazing some deals on factory refurbished laptops and computers.

These products are categorized as Refurbished Products and offer a discount ranging from 10% to 75%, depending on the age of the product.

What is a Factory Refurbished Laptop?

When customers are not happy with the laptop they receive, they return it to the seller. It is important to understand that the returned laptop doesn’t necessarily imply that the product is faulty. The laptops are returned due to a variety of reasons.

A laptop may be returned due to a delivery mix up. At times, buyers find the specifications of the laptop below their actual requirement. They opt for a replacement in such a case. A laptop used for demo in the stores is also resold as a refurbished laptop.

Reasons like poor packaging can also result in a laptop being returned. In fact, laptops which are returned to the seller due to any reason are generally put on sale under the refurbished laptop category.

What Happens to a Returned Laptop?

When a laptop is returned to the manufacturer it undergoes a strict testing process.

The testing process is not limited to the part that the buyer complained about (if any). It encompasses all the parts of the laptop. The factory refurbished laptops have their hard drives wiped cleaned and operating system reinstalled to ensure that they work as good as a new one. They go through all the quality checks and are repackaged and put on sale again as a refurbished laptop only after they pass all the quality checks.

Hence, a refurbished laptop works as good as a new one with the same configuration.

Should You Buy a Factory Refurbished Laptop?

Laptops are often used for simple operations like web browsing, watching movies, office work etc. If your needs are similar, a refurbished laptop would be a good idea.

The downside of buying a refurbished laptop is that you may not find the latest models and customization may not be offered by resellers.

A laptop which is one year old will easily meet the expected performance level for the most of us. And if you're a business looking for a bulk deal, you can get some exciting deals in addition to the usual discount from the resellers.

Bottom Line

If a refurbished laptop is sufficient to take care of your requirements, you should look at it positively. You will get a good deal along with a guarantee/warranty that covers the failure risk. It is especially suitable for students and bulk deal seekers.

Do not discard the option of a refurbished laptop just because you feel that it is somehow an inferior product.

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Going for a secondhand, refurbished computer can save you a LOT of money if you find the right seller. How much, you ask? 

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