If you are looking to save some money on your next laptop purchase, you should consider buying a refurbished laptop. Buying a refurbished laptop helps you get a better configuration at a lower price.

What is a Refurbished Laptop?

The term refurbished laptop covers a big list of possibilities like:

· The buyer was not satisfied with the configuration
· Wrong laptop was delivered to the buyer
· The laptop was returned due to poor packaging
· The laptop was actually defective
· The laptop came off lease
· The laptop was used for demonstration in retail stores

Once the product is returned to the seller it is checked for any malfunction. After this it is put up for resale as a refurbished laptop.

When Would a Refurbished Laptop Suit You?

If you need a laptop for simple tasks like browsing, listening to songs, office work, watching a movie etc., a refurbished laptop is a good option.

However, if your requirements are gaming (requiring high graphics), using software that require ultra-fast processing speed etc., you should look for a brand new laptop.

Before buying a refurbished laptop, figure out the configuration that you would need. You can define the configuration of the laptop based on the purpose of buying it. Now start looking for the best deals for the minimum specification needed. You can go for a better specification if your budget allows you to.

Buying a Refurbished Laptop

When you buy a refurbished laptop it is important to make sure you have assurance that your laptop is covered for additional defects.

Buying a refurbished laptop from an advertisement published in Craigslist is not a smart idea, even if the deal looks attractive. There are certified sellers of refurbished laptops like us out there who offer the best refurbished laptops.

These certified sellers do a thorough check of the laptop and replace the damaged/defective parts, if any. They also offer a warranty so that you can get your laptop fixed in case there is a malfunction. The warranty may vary from 3 months to one year. You should check the reseller certificate and its terms and conditions, especially the guarantee/warranty policy, before making a purchase.

After buying a refurbished laptop you should immediately check if it is working smoothly. You can get a full refund/exchange if a malfunction is reported shortly after the purchase subjected to the policy of the seller.

Downsides of Buying a Refurbished Laptop

There are none!

In fact, according to a survey conducted by Accenture, only 5% of the returned electronics actually have a defect. The rest are returned because they didn’t meet the customer’s expectations.

So there is a good chance that the refurbished laptop you are purchasing doesn’t have any defect at all!