Should you buy a refurbished laptop? If you had any doubts, a recent survey conducted by Gizmodo showed that only 7% of surveyed customers had a less-than-perfect experience with their refurbished laptop…

And the other 93% loved them!

Here’s how to buy a first-class reconditioned laptop computer for your home or office that ticks all the boxes.

How to Cut Costs: Look for Last-Season’s Models

If you look at the comparative prices of new laptops as against refurbished devices, you’ll find that reconditioned gadgets with the same specifications are always a few hundred dollars cheaper than the fresh-from-the-box laptops. In addition laptops that are just one or two generations older, you may also find some of the newer models. Here are a few examples you might find interesting.

Example: Apple 12-inch MacBook - Still Up to Spec

First released in April 2016, a new 12-inch Apple MacBook costs $1,299 but a refurbished laptop sold on the Apple website with a 1-year warranty is available for $1,099. Should you look for the same model in the Amazon refurbished section, you can buy one for $899.99 and get a 90-day warranty to go with it.

Example: Dell XPS 13 - Why Buy New?

The Dell XPS 13 is priced at $999. However, a refurbished XPS 13 from starts at $739 with a one-year warranty. This price is more than $250 less than the new device.

Save Money with Coupons and Discounts

From time to time, manufacturing companies may offer you coupons where they further knock off the prices on their refurbished laptops. For instance, after deducting $200 of the coupon offer, you can get a Dell XPS 15 for $1,127.95. The original price for this gadget is $1,359.39.

Lenovo also offers you an added 30% off sale on its refurbished laptops collection. For the price of $207.89, you can get the ThinkPad 11e Third Generation. But, should you look for a brand new laptop, you could end up paying $399.99.  

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The Best Place to Buy Refurbished Laptops? Check Manufacturer Listings

If you’re considering buying a reconditioned device, you can’t go wrong with manufacturer refurbished laptops. Check with the experts for information on how to buy a refurbished laptop and they’ll tell you to search company websites like Apple, Dell, HP, and Lenovo.

There are several positives to buying your laptops from manufacturer sites. Like for instance:

  • Assurance of quality and functionality

  • Categorization of their refurbished laptops so buyers can make an informed choice.

  • Warranty

  • Certification

  • Free shipping

  • Cash-back incentives

Alternatively, you can check sellers like Amazon, eBay, ReUseTek,Best Buy, and various others.

Look Out for Specific Aspects When Choosing a Refurbished Laptop

When searching the refurbished electronics website, look for assurance that the gadget is of top-rated quality by considering these factors:

What is the Warranty Offered

One of the key tips to keep in mind when figuring out how to buy a refurbished laptop is the warranty. Check if the seller offers you a warranty, warranty upgrades like the kind Lenovo offers, and third-party provided extended warranty. While most original manufacturers give you 1-year warranties, other sites like Amazon, eBay, and others may provide 30 days to 90 days warranty on reconditioned laptops. Also, make sure to read the terms and conditions for added information on the components the warranty covers. For instance, the dealer may not include the battery replacement in the warranty.

Reasonable Return Policy

If the seller offers a 14-day, 21-day, or 30-day return policy, you’ll have time to test if the components are working well and the battery is holding a charge. However, check to see if you’ll have to pay a restocking fee for the return.

Certificate of Assurance and New Serial Number

Expert technicians add a certificate of assurance to the gadget and assign a new serial number during quality control checks. So, insist on this paperwork when finalizing the deal.

List of Possible Defects

A reliable refurbisher will provide you with a detailed list of all the defects in the device so you can make an informed choice.

Consider Getting a Tried and Tested Model

When looking for tips on how to buy a refurbished laptop, consider choosing a slightly older model. That’s because once a particular model has been in the market for a while, manufacturers are likely to release updates to fix any bugs in the device. You can also base your purchase decision on the feedback from users.

Accessories Included

Check for the items and accessories the buyer includes or excludes from the sale. These items can include the original charging cable and headphones.

Are There Any Cosmetic Flaws?

While manufacturers and certified refurbishers will ensure that the internal components are in perfect working order, they typically don’t pay special attention to minor dings, dents, and scratches. Should you opt for a refurbished laptop, expect to see these flaws. Though, most sellers will grade the flaws so you know exactly what you’re getting into.

Licensed Operating System

A certified dealer or manufacturing company will load a licensed copy of the operating system during the refurbishing process. This is sure shot indication that the device is reliable.

Customer Support Offered

Most manufacturers like Dell, Toshiba, and Lenovo offer you customer support on refurbished laptops just as they would on new devices. If you’re buying the laptop from certified dealers, check for the after-sales support they’ll provide you.

With Detailed Research You Can Find Barely Used Laptops at Great Prices

When looking for a refurbished laptop, you may have to conduct detailed research on the products available before making your choice. If you’re not pressed for time, you can also check the manufacturer’s sites for regular added discounts and coupons that will bring down the final price even more.

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Have you bought a refurbished laptop before? Are you one of the consumers that swears by reconditioned devices and the savings they can make? Or, you could be concerned about the environment and looking to reduce your carbon footprint by preventing an almost new device from ending up in landfills. Please share your thoughts with our other users.


Should You Buy a Refurbished Laptop?

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