The “Special Deals” tab on your e-store holds some interesting options. If you check it out, you would be surprised to find some amazing some deals on factory refurbished laptops and computers.

These products are categorized as Refurbished Products and offer a discount ranging from 10% to 75%, depending on the age of the product.

What is a Factory Refurbished Laptop?

When customers are not happy with the laptop they receive, they return it to the seller. It is important to understand that the returned laptop doesn’t necessarily imply that the product is faulty. The laptops are returned due to a variety of reasons.

A laptop may be returned due to a delivery mix up. At times, buyers find the specifications of the laptop below their actual requirement. They opt for a replacement in such a case. A laptop used for demo in the stores is also resold as a refurbished laptop.

Reasons like poor packaging can also result in a laptop being returned. In fact, laptops which are returned to the seller due to any reason are generally put on sale under the refurbished laptop category.

What Happens to a Returned Laptop?

When a laptop is returned to the manufacturer it undergoes a strict testing process.

The testing process is not limited to the part that the buyer complained about (if any). It encompasses all the parts of the laptop. The factory refurbished laptops have their hard drives wiped cleaned and operating system reinstalled to ensure that they work as good as a new one. They go through all the quality checks and are repackaged and put on sale again as a refurbished laptop only after they pass all the quality checks.

Hence, a refurbished laptop works as good as a new one with the same configuration.

Should You Buy a Factory Refurbished Laptop?

Laptops are often used for simple operations like web browsing, watching movies, office work etc. If your needs are similar, a refurbished laptop would be a good idea.

The downside of buying a refurbished laptop is that you may not find the latest models and customization may not be offered by resellers.

A laptop which is one year old will easily meet the expected performance level for the most of us. And if you're a business looking for a bulk deal, you can get some exciting deals in addition to the usual discount from the resellers.

Bottom Line

If a refurbished laptop is sufficient to take care of your requirements, you should look at it positively. You will get a good deal along with a guarantee/warranty that covers the failure risk. It is especially suitable for students and bulk deal seekers.

Do not discard the option of a refurbished laptop just because you feel that it is somehow an inferior product.