There are a few things in life whose importance we realize only after we lose them.

I figured this out the hard way.

One fine day I planned to watch a football game with my friends at my place. A few beers, snacks and a good game. What could go wrong? Well, a lot.

When my friends arrived and I opened the door, one of them rushed to the couch to occupy the most comfortable position. It was all fun till he jumped on the couch to take the seat which was followed by a distinct crack sound.

My friend didn’t realize the remote was lying on the couch and he broke it. The TV remote was broken into two halves and there was no way it would work.

We realized that watching TV without a remote is a terrible experience. It feels like you have no power. For anything you need, you have to walk to the TV set and do it manually. A lot of the options are not even possible without the remote. Walking to the every time you need to change something is a frustrating experience.

The very next day I went to the store to buy a new remote and but it was out of stock. I also realized that I would have to shell out a hefty amount once it is back in stock. But what option did I have? Without a TV remote I wouldn’t be able to enjoy watching TV.

As I mentally prepared myself to pay a big price for buying the replacement remote, I thought of looking it up online. Luckily I came across factory refurbished remotes. It was in stock and ready to be delivered. I got an amazing deal as well.

What is a Factory Refurbished Remote?

A factory refurbished remote means it was returned to the seller due to some reason.

I did have my apprehensions before buying the remote. But after doing a little research I realized that it goes through a quality check before being put on sale again.

It had a three month guarantee. Plus it came at a cheap price.

I decided to try it out and believe me refurbished remotes are amazing in terms of both quality and price. Just make sure you check the following points before buying a refurbished remote:

  • Reseller certificates
  • Reseller reviews
  • Guarantee/warranty policy
  • Discount offered

If you lose your TV remote, you have to buy a new one. There is no other option. However, instead of wasting money on a new remote, consider the option of buying a refurbished remote control. It works as good as a new one and is good for your wallet as well.