Rapid advancement in the electronics industry has led to a decrease in the lifespan of electronics. The need to reduce e-waste and control the amount of waste sent to combustion facilities has necessitated refurbishment of laptops and computers.

Refurbishment of electronics ensures higher resource efficiency and improves the lifespan of the electronic merchandise.

So are you part of the refurbished laptops craze? Let us look at the pros and cons of these second-hand devices.

Why Refurbished Laptops?

Let’s first look at what refurbishment actually means. It can refer to a number of issues relating to recycled electronics such as:

It could mean that the Laptop was defective, returned to the manufacturer for repair and is up for resale.

It could also refer to a Laptop that has been used for several years and is being resold in the market.

Faulty or damaged parts in laptops are replaced to make the refurbished version as good as new. Therefore, the quality of a refurbished laptop is almost as good.

But why refurbished laptops?

A Price That’s Right

Refurbished laptops are just as good as new ones, if not better, because they have been tested.

In fact, many people are of the opinion that a refurbished laptop is basically brand new. They say it’s like buying a car with 1,000 miles on it, but 25-30% off, more or less. It’s like the seller tells you “It’s all good, we tested” and you get the value of an almost brand new car, at a fair price.

Quality, Backed by Warranty

Refurbished goods come with a warranty, just like a new one would. Should you get a laptop that is less satisfactory, you can return it to your vendor for replacement.

To Do Your Bit

Refurbishment of electronics results in reduced pollution and is energy saving. Using refurbished electronics protects the environment by ensuring a decline in mining, refining, and processing of raw materials.

The Downside of Refurbished Laptops

Refurbished laptops generally come with a limited warranty as compared to new devices. New laptops can have warranty extending to a three-year period while refurbished laptops can have a month to three months warranty. This means that in the case of failure of a refurbished laptop, it is difficult to get a replacement once the short warranty period is over.