What comes to your mind when you hear the term refurbished computers?

Do you feel that a refurbished computer is an underperforming piece of junk that has something terribly wrong with it?

Do you think buying a refurbished computer is a huge risk?

If this is the case you need to reconsider.

What is a Refurbished Computer?

A refurbished computer is the one which has been returned by the buyer to the manufacturer. Many of us feel that since the computer has been returned to the seller, it obviously has something wrong with it. Hence, they have the notion that refurbished computers are junk.

But do you know the reason why the buyers return the computer in the first place?

You would be surprised to know that the reason may be as meager as poor packaging. Sometimes the buyers are unsure about the kind of computer they want to purchase. It is only after the delivery that they realize they want a computer with different configuration. The buyers then return the computer to the seller even though there is no fault with the computer.

Then there are computers which are delivered to the wrong address due to a mix up. Such computers are perfectly fine and operate exactly the way they are supposed to. They get listed as refurbished computers at a discounted price after they are returned to the seller.

Is Buying a Refurbished Computer Worth it?

Feeling worried about the defective parts of a refurbished computer is normal, but in reality only 5% of refurbished electronic devices actually have a defect in the first place!

Also, the resellers make sure that they change the defective part before putting it up for sale again.

There are certified sellers of refurbished computers who ensure good quality of the refurbished computers, and also offer a guarantee/warranty. ReUseTek offers a "no questions asked", 100% money back guarantee if you aren't satidfied with your refurbished products, so it's easy to get a full refund, replacement, or a free repair.

The economic aspect of a refurbished computer is the most attractive part. You can easily save around $200 on a refurbished computer which is just one year old and works as good as a new one. This is especially relevant for students and individuals looking to save some money on their computer purchase.

If you are buying refurbished computers on a large scale for regular office work, you can also take advantage of a bulk discount which will ultimately result in big savings for you.

Buying a Refurbished Computer: Points to Consider

You should consider a few points before purchasing a refurbished computer.

First of all you should be very clear with the purpose of buying. Based on this you can decide the minimum configuration needed. You should go for a little better specification than the minimum required so that the computer performs well for the next few years.