Buying a refurbished laptop from a certified reseller is a smart way to get a good configuration laptop while paying a smaller amount.

A certified reseller gives you a guarantee for replacement/refund or free repair if your refurbished system is not performing up to the mark.

However, when it comes to buying a refurbished laptop many users get confused about which brand to go for because of two main reasons:

  1. The users are not sure about the product configuration they should buy (which is the case in buying a brand new laptop as well).
  2. The users are unaware of the refurbishment policy of various brands.

So to help you decide, this article brings you a detailed analysis of the quality check process and return policy of two key players of refurbished laptops- Apple and Dell.

Dell Refurbished Laptops

Dell is well known for the quality of its laptops and the same reflects in its refurbished laptops as well.

Dell’s Refurbishment Policy states that “Our products are visually and diagnostically inspected to ensure the highest quality standards and reliability. Our refurbished products may have some observable cosmetic imperfections, but they will not affect the performance.”

It implies that the refurbished laptops have the expected performance level. As far as Dell’s Return Policy is concerned, you are allowed to return the refurbished laptop within 30 days from the date of invoice.

Dell provides free parts replacement within 100 days of purchase as per its Warranty Policy.

Dell provides lifetime online support and telephonic support for refurbished laptops.

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Refurbished MacBook

You will be happy to know that Apple puts a lot of effort in ensuring that the refurbished MacBooks perform well.

Apple Certified Refurbished Products are the products which were pre-owned and have been returned in accordance with Apple's Return and Refund Policies or were being used as a demonstration unit.

The company has a comprehensive refurbishment policy according to which each Apple Certified Refurnished MacBook is:

  • Fully tested (using full burn-in testing) 
  • Refurbished with replacement parts for defective parts identified during the testing process
  • Cleaned thoroughly
  • Repackaged including manuals and cables
  • Loaded with the original operating software
  • Assigned a new refurbished part number and serial number
  • Put through a Final QA inspection

As per Apple’s Warranty Policy, the company warrants its refurbished MacBooks for one year from the date of retail purchase against any defect in the materials and workmanship if the MacBook is used in accordance with Apple’s user manual. It also provides a three-month telephonic support for technical issues.

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Bottom Line

Apple has a more detailed refurbishment process compared to Dell. Apple also provides a warranty of one year for refurbished MacBooks while Dell provides a warranty of just 100 days.

However, Dell offers a lifetime technical support which is limited to just three months in Apple’s case.

While Apple may seem to have an edge over Dell terms of refurbishment policies, you would have to pay a little extra for a refurbished MacBook as compared to a refurbished Dell laptop having a similar configuration.