It is possible for a refurbished laptop to be better than a brand new one.

That’s right. Most of the times, when the term refurbished is mentioned people tend to think of old and damaged electronics. That could not be any further away from the truth.

What is a Refurbished Computer?

By refurbished laptops, we refer to those computers that have been returned to the manufacturer or retailer due to a defect.

To prepare for resale, the defective components are repaired or replaced entirely restoring the PCs to like-new condition.

Should You Buy a Refurbished Laptop?

Once on shelves, refurbished electronics are sold at a discounted price. What this means is that, with the same amount of money you can basically acquire superior specs by going for a refurbished laptop as compared to a brand new one.

Comparing New and Refurbished Laptops

The most basic step when purchasing a laptop is to first understand the primary purpose you intend to use it for. This can range from basic web browsing to office work. For each use, the specs are different and as such you will need to pick a computer that aligns with your exact needs.

Below is how refurbished laptops compare to the new ones.


As stated, most refurbished laptops are often at a discounted price. This can be something from a meager 5% to major discounts in 25% region. The pricing for each laptop will depend on the brand itself and the state of the PC.


Laptop specifications can sometimes be hard to comprehend even for the most ardent users. Basically, specs are the indicators to the quality of a computer. The features most people are more interested in include:

  • RAM: Even though new laptops by default boast a larger RAM, refurbished laptops do not lag that much behind. Actually, most vendors beef up RAM during the refurbishment process to ensure the laptops stay competitive against the brand new ones.
  • HDD: Same goes for the Hard disk. It is also quite easy to make an upgrade after purchase or make a request to the vendor prior to purchase. Again some of the refurbished computers happen to be as good as new matching the current trends in computer storage.
  • Other important features are the CPU, Graphic Card, and the Display.

Although there is no denying that recently manufactured have the latest features, with refurbished laptops you stand to get a better value for money. At times, refurbished PCs even come with additional software unavailable in brand-new computers and upgraded graphic card, a requisite for gamers.

Things to Consider When Buying a Refurbished Laptop

When purchasing a refurbished device, there are a number of things you should put into consideration.

  • Reputation of the vendor: You would ideally want to purchase from a certified vendor. A look into their partners will give you an idea on their reliability. The refurbishment process should be done by qualified technicians and tested by professionals. Also, it won’t hurt to confirm whether the computers come with the latest software.
  • Return Policy: This is very important to you as the customer. If the vendor trusts the quality of the products on sale, having a reliable return policy will work as proof. (My advice is a 100% no questions asked Return Policy.) Simply put, any sale without returns guarantee isn't worth your money.

What to Expect from a Refurbished Laptop Purchase

Refurbished laptops come in different forms. Sometimes a customer can change their mind on brand new laptop maybe because it didn’t meet their expectations. Such laptops are basically new and even if they are sold at a higher price, they still present a major coup to the average customer. Others are “opened box” items which once tested and verified by your vendor are made available for resell. On purchase, you should be issued with all the relevant computer accessories. These include chargers and cables.

On top of that, registered refurbishers sell computers that meet the Windows licensing requirement and as such come with a licensed operating system.

At Reusetek, we provide premium off-lease and refurbished electronics. By partnering with Microsoft as a Registered Refurbisher we are able to offer high-quality affordable laptops and computers with the latest software to people all around the country.