Radiant Systems P1220 Complete Restaurant POS System

Radiant Systems P1220 Complete Restaurant POS System
The Radiant Systems P1220 POS unit will help you manage orders efficiently. The P1220 features a user friendly display for any on-going order that can easily be used to thanks to its capacitive touch screen panel.


The Radiant P1220 point-of-sale (POS) terminal provides an exceptional combination of performance, reliability, flexibility and low total cost of ownership in a compact package that fits virtually anywhere in any type of food service location. With a very bright 12-inch touch screen display, the P1220 maximizes speed-of-service with fast order entry in brightly lit front counter or drive-thru installations. The P1220’s small size and silent operation ensure that dining room installations can be close to where servers work, improving guest service without affecting décor or atmosphere. While small in size and cost, the P1220 is big on durability and features designed to maximize value in food service locations.

Put your investment where your staff and customers are to maximize productivity and service. Occupying only 13”x 13” of counter space in standard tilt-mount installations, the Radiant P1220 can also be mounted on walls or even radial tilt arms. The P1220 is tough enough to go where you need to put it, with a rugged enclosure and electronics than can withstand spills without interrupting service.

The Radiant Systems P1220 POS unit will help you manage orders more efficiently. The P1220 features a large touch screen display to process any on-going order that can easily be used with any POS software. These touch-screen terminals can be connected to a cash drawer and thermal printer to create a complete POS system!


This Complete Small Restaurant Set Includes:

  • Windows XP Complete Install with COA
  • Radiant Systems P1220 POS Terminal
  • Intel Celeron M @ 1.3GHz
  • 512MB of ram
  • 40GB HDD
  • Terminals will run a resolution of 800X600
  • Radiant Systems CD00035 Cash Drawer; cash drawer will not come included with an insert or a key
  • Radiant Systems P8223F027 Bump Bar
  • Radiant Systems P823F010 Bump Bar Controller
  • No Epson printers will be included
  • Powervar ABC152-11 Power Conditioner
  • All set-up cables and power supplies will be included
  • Professionally tested and cleaned
  • 90-Day Warranty Included
  • Receipt printers, cash drawers, and bump bar options available
  • Custom set-up options available in any quantity
  • Will come installed with a trial of Retail Man; Retail Man software can be upgraded to full version for only $99
  • Will come installed with drivers that are needed to operate with Retail Man software
  • Card Swiper has not been tested; swiper should work if all drivers are installed properly
  • We do not offer technical support for the software or the unit itself as we are not a specialized POS hardware/software company. However, we will work to the best of our ability to offer you any knowledge that we may have with these units.
  • If a refund is issued by the buyer even if the equipment is working or because the buyer runs into incompatability issues, the buyer will need to pay for the shipping expenses when returned to us.
  • This terminal will not work with every type of POS software. The terminal will only work with a limited amount of POS software suites.

For more information on the Retail Man software, go to: http://download.cnet.com/Retail-Man-POS/3000-2066_4-10177789.html#ixzz2PFskkfqH


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